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Suggested on Feb 23, 2010

Save up to 200 scores/attempts.

I have 160 students during the school day. I have to download scores before the whole group takes/finishes the quiz.


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Feb 23, 2010
nostaws: We are working on the new paid version of the Quiz School where you can get unlimited quiz attempts and lots more features.
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May 26, 2010
I have the paid version but can still only see 100 reports, when will the unlimited results be available?
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Jun 3, 2010
sidquiz: We could save your quiz attempts from the day you have started using premium version. Please see your quiz reports now, they have started storing more than 100 records and there is no limit on paid version. We couldn't store the previous attempts which were taken in free account.

Suggested by: nostaws
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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