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Suggested on Oct 19, 2013

Quiz Scores

I think that when people take the quizzes for example....mine, the website takes our email address right? I think, that for example, ILoveJohnCena123 does my quiz the 'singers and songs' one, there score should automatically come on my email address along with 'when' he or she did it, her or his nickname, and all the highlights about his or her account. And i also suggest you make a kind of certain account for people who 'want' to help others, then instead of using the help of computers, we can learn from the actual experience of others and use an actual human being's brain instead of a computer chip. Please i advice proprof's owner/manager to think about it. Thank You!!!

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Oct 24, 2013
We have email notifications available in quiz settings.
To learn how to enable email notifications for your quiz, please read: http://support.proprofs.com/kb/questions/13/How+do+I+enable+email+notifications+for+my+quiz%3F
You can capture information of quiz takers by asking them details such as their names, emails, IDs or even your own custom questions, before they take your quiz. Please read: http://support.proprofs.com/kb/questions/10/Can+I+capture+information+about+quiz+takers%3F

Suggested by: ILoveNiallHoran2004
Category: Other
Status: implemented
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