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Suggested on Nov 26, 2008

Quiz Embed Size

It's satisfying to find a free quiz site that offers embedding of the quiz. But, like other quiz sites I've found that also allow it, the feature to embed the quiz on one's own site is frustrating for one simple reason: the size! I would suggest either changing it or allowing options for what size to embed it. Instead of having to click on Full Screen, we should be able to have it at or near the same size as full screen when we embed. If not given the option to choose, we should at least be able to adjust the html code that we embed to do this.

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May 7, 2009
More options for embedding (size, colors, fonts...) + the embed quiz images are too small that my students have to use 'full screen'(They don't know the browser zoom feature yet)

Suggested by: jayer18
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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