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Suggested on Jan 09, 2014

Option to include "your answer" and "correct answer" in the Download Report

When you download a participants Detailed Report in PDF, the report does not show the answer that the participant selected OR what the correct answer is.   It does show if they answered the question correct or incorrect but the report is useless for training purposes if we can’t determine what answer was selected.   I’m I missing a setting or something?   I would expect that the PDF is simply a copy of what you can see under Score Report, View.   Please provide an option in the Download Report functionality to include the ability to see “your answer” and “correct answer”   If it does have this functionality and I’ve just missed it, please enlighten me.   Thanks!

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Jan 11, 2014
Thank you for writing to us. Please follow the steps below to view the desired report.
Select option called "Reveal correct answer for each question"
You can find this at: My Quizzes >> Edit Settings >> General Settings >> Customize Quiz Report >> Reveal correct answer for each question.
On selecting the above, a PDF report will download with answers for each question.
Hope this helps. Let us know in case you need further clarification.
Thanks again!

Suggested by: WendyH
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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