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Suggested on Jan 06, 2022

Option to disable spell check

We are missing an option to disable spell check, mainly due to it being more of a nuisance than a help. This is especially a problem when writing in another language, my observation is that the editor enables spell check for both english and another language (in our case: Danish) This means that words that are Danish but are marked as a typo in English will be "corrected" to the correct English spelling. An example of this is the words "bliver" (translates to: becomes) will be corrected to "liver" To correct this i have two suggestions one easy and one more complete. Easy suggestion: Make the user able to disable spell check. Complete solution: Make the user able to choose what spellcheck lists the editor will use. An example would be a list of all available languages that the knowledgebase supports with toggles for every language. Either solution would satisfy our needs. Regards

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Suggested by: Hanzzi
Category: Knowledge Base
Status: open
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