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Suggested on Dec 08, 2013

New Questions and section for quizes

For starters, I am enjoying my free trial and I am considering purchasing.  I have also trialed other exam makers such as ispring quiz maker.  They have some great questions such as word bank, multiple choice text, very good fill in the blank, and hot spot.  A few other feature I like on ispring are different layout options and formatting per page and Sections within one exam.  I think these would be a great addition to future upgrades.

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Dec 9, 2013
Thank you for trying out the free trial and we're glad that you're happy with our product and considering an upgrade with ProProfs.
As for the features that you mentioned such as word bank, multiple choice text, fill in the blanks etc, we have more than 15 question types including the ones you mentioned. Additionally, we have one of the largest online quiz libraries with 300000+ free quiz templates, that you can use to find quiz questions.
As for adding custom themes to your quizzes, we also support that.
You can check a sample quiz with custom image backgrounds, color and fonts: https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=life-in-the-uk_5
In addition to adding your own images to a quiz, you can also use pre-made theme templates provided by ProProfs.
We love your suggestion on different layout options and formatting per page and sections within a quiz. Our development team has looked into this and are considering the option of adding it as a feature.
Thanks again.

Suggested by: wcheli
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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