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Suggested on Dec 23, 2013

My Classroom - Track dates when users are uploaded and deactivated

Outside of the notes section, is there a way to track when a user was uploaded or deactivated?  This would be helpful in tracking assignmens since I am using this as a LMS tracking.


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Dec 24, 2013
Hi! Thank you for your valuable suggestion. As for tracking assignments, you can do so under the My Classroom section. You can track all activities of a learner or a group using this feature. Please check this link for more information. http://support.proprofs.com/kb/questions/181/What+are+advanced+progress+reports%3F
However, we can surely add this feature and put it in our roadmap for the month ahead too. Could you explain to us exactly how you plan on using this feature of supporting upload and deactivation date from the user?
We hope that the article is of help to you. If not, pls feel free and let us know. For now, I'm marking this as Completed.
Thanks and look forward to your response.
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Jan 6, 2014
We do seasonal hiring so we are activating and deactivating large groups at one time.
If an assignment has been created but not completed before someone was deactivated, it would be nice to track their deactivation date.
The opposite should not be as critical since they would not have an assignment for a task if they were not active when it was assigned.

Suggested by: bthorup
Category: Other
Status: implemented
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