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Suggested on Aug 08, 2018

Multiple Users Deletion

The current system only allows one user deletion at a time. The system should facilitate multiple users deletion using checkbox or something similar.


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Jan 10, 2019
This feature has been implemented. We added a new filter to select multiple users at once.
Team ProProfs
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Oct 20, 2019
I know it says here the feature is implemented, but I can only select multiple users and deactivate them. I wish to delete user accounts of students who have graduated from my high school--their accounts are linked to inactivated email addresses, so even if they wanted to use ProProfs later, they would have to make a new account. I have had to click on each student individually and delete them--it's about three clicks per student to accomplish this task and there is no way to bulk select and delete. Since this ticket says it has already been implemented, would it be better for me to open a new ticket requesting this function again?

Suggested by: frank_xia
Category: Other
Status: implemented
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