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Suggested on Aug 20, 2018

Multiple roles

1)It would be great for a user to have different roles according to the site he is registered in. The option to add multiple sites is heavily downsided by not being able to add multiple user roles. I.e USER 1 is an editor on one site and he is a user on another. 2)The knowledge base lacks a user panel in order to view user activity. This should be a grassroot feature. (reports would be handy as well) 3) It would be great to leverage customer support as there are many queries that stay on tail and are not looked after by sales team. 4)Knowledge base is not fully optmized for languages other than english. I´ve submitted a ticket regarding the search option as some documents and titles do not appear in search results for some reason. 5)Mobile friendly site is not happening. It looks awful on mobile. 6)When you upload many users, proprofs sends a notification message for each user so they can verify their user and password. This message cannot be edited prior to sending the mail and since each user recieves a personalized link your are left with not choice but to send the email with the proprofs message and branding. Its very difficult to add users massively when a company doest not handle SSO. This is in fact, one of the worst setbacks in the knowledge base.

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Dec 9, 2018
Thanks for your suggestion. We have sent your feedback to the product team.
Team ProProfs

Suggested by: adminproprofs
Category: Knowledge Base
Status: Coming Soon
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