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Suggested on Dec 09, 2013

More German translations

1) A mouseover on the save button brings up  a black box with "Speichern und wieder diesen Kurs später" which is meaningless. (Rough translation: Save and this course later) It needs to say: Speichern und später weitermachen (Save and continue later) 2) When you click save, it says: Ihr Fortschritt wird gespeichert Next time you start the course as e-mailaddress, you will resume from here: Save & resume             or               Save & exit The German translation of the latter part is missing, it needs to be: Wenn Sie sich das nächste Mal mit e-mailaddress einloggen, können Sie hier weitermachen" 3) When you log in later, the following box with English messaging appears: Our records show that you have previously started this course Would you like to Resume course     or      Start over German translation is: Sie haben diesen Kurs bereits begonnen. Möchten Sie Mit dem Kurs fortfahren     oder     Den Kurs neu beginnen I'm not sure how many Germans use your platform, but I'm sure you'll want your language versions to reflect the high quality of the overall proprofs experience, so it would be great if this could be corrected quickly. Thanks!

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Dec 15, 2013
Thank you for the suggestion.
Your feedback is really invaluable to us and helps us improve the site's experience for other users, as well.
Your suggestions have been implemented and we request you to please share more such valuable inputs that you may have.

Suggested by: lbuerk
Category: Training Maker
Status: implemented
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