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Suggested on Oct 21, 2009

Layout is horrid :)

Ok, this is my first time here and I was looking for exactly your type of poll for my website. However, the ads are obnoxiously invasive, to the point that I won't use this site even though it far surpasses 99 percent of avaiable polling places and their features. It is so cluttered by the ads that it make everything look very unprofessional. Take a page from google and minimal is more. Also, having another persons poll right beside mine will only confuse users as to which poll to take. Not cool.Lastly, the layout was confusing with the box to check in various locations depending on if you add in a picture or what not.I love the option to search for flicker, put in a video and upload my own picture. Hated that half my own picture got cut off for being too large so as to accomodate the obnoxious ads. Despite loving the features, I won't use this site :(Got too greedy with the ad revenue. It is going to shoot you in the foot in the long run. I might check aback in a few months to see if you have changed anything.


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Oct 21, 2009
Um, I didn't know my comments would be posted to be voted on. I am glad I didn't put in any personal information. Add to the above a complaint about it not being clear that our suggestions/complaints would be posted publically.
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Oct 22, 2009
Hello journeyislam:
Thanks for your honest review and suggestion. We appreciate your suggestions and will improve the interface and layout for poll as soon as possible. We'll let you know once we finish building new layout.
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Nov 30, 2009
ye i agree
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Jan 4, 2010
We have updated the polls with respect to improving usability and removing ads. Please check and let us know your thoughts on updates?
Also we have updated the profile page, it is fast and easy to access all your polls, other polls you took, and the polls on you commented.
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Jan 15, 2010
I totally agree

Suggested by: journeyislam
Category: Polls
Status: implemented
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