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Suggested on Apr 03, 2013

Include a crocodoc integration for essay/report upload and grading

Crocodoc would be a great option for you to include as part of the quiz and LMS portion. Your product is looking great, but the ability to upload and grade a doc,pdf, etc would be critical. Or at least allow students to upload a document, so that I can grade it and sent it back to them. Thanks. 


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Apr 4, 2013
We really appreciate your excellent suggestion.
We want to work on getting this done. Could you please email me at [email protected] , a sample question that you would be using this for.
Could you please also share your email or phone number in the mail so that we can contact you and get this done in exactly the way you want it.
We would greatly value and appreciate your response.
Thank You.
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Aug 30, 2017
Dear Customer
We really appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions and queries. We will get back to you soon with any update on this.
Team ProProfs

Suggested by: dradus
Category: Training Maker
Status: Coming Soon
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