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Suggested on Nov 20, 2014

Improvements to the Matching feature

I love this program as it has saved me hours in time and effort and enhanced the test-taking experience for my students. However, the option to do matching questions could use some improvements. I like using this feature to give my Spanish students a series of vocab words to identify without having to create a question for each word.  The problem is if there are 6 words to be matched and a student gets 5 of the 6 correct, it still scores it as a 0.  I can override the score manually, but that becomes time-consuming.  In the custom scoring option I can assign specific points to different multiple choice answers, but the option is not available for matching. This would be a very natural and useful option for the Matching questions.  Also, my students complain that when they click on the drop list to choose answers to the matching question the list changes the order of the answer options. This becomes confusing and frustrating for them as they come to expect the answers to be listed in a certain order and sometimes (admittedly, carelessly) select an option they did not intend.  If these things could be fixed this would be amazing. Thanks for all your great work!

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Nov 20, 2014
Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with us. It really helps us in building awesome products and features that help users like you.
To solve this issue, please try using our Partial Grading feature for matching questions. We have a guide ready for you that explains how you can do it. Please refer to the link below:
We hope it is of use to you and remedies the issue but in case it is not, then please feel free in reaching out to us at [email protected]
Thanks again for your suggestion!
ProProfs Team

Suggested by: Nielsen201
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: implemented
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