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Suggested on May 27, 2015

I'm getting SPAM from the email I gave you!

My email, [email protected], is being SPAMed. I use an individual email for each signup, so I can track what happens. It has stood me in good stead. When Adobe got hacked, I just deleted that email address and never got another SPAM. I'll do the same with yours. I'm not sure if ProProfs got hacked or if it sells its email list. Either way, it is a problem. I got this from [email protected]  Good Morning! I have found your summary on Careerbuilder website and treat you like a future employee. Your salary is $4500 per month + bonus (%6.69 to %9.83). Basic Conditions:   - opportunity to work 24-48 hours per week; - US nationals strictly with clear background report; - super organizational, negotiating, analytical skills; - 5 years of aggregate operational practice (not onlyin Purchasing); - Internet and PC access; - PC user skills, email; - you may mix this job with other activity. Whether you are interested in this position please give a response back. You could reply to [email protected] Thanks, Marc

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May 27, 2015
Hi Marc,
Thank you for writing in to us about this. We'd like to inform you that we never sell our customer emails to anyone. It is our strict policy and we always adhere to it. Perhaps, you may have shared the email on some site due to which you are receiving such spam. We request you to check and rest assure that your email will never be sold.
Thank you,
Team ProProfs

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