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Suggested on May 13, 2020

I need test takers to be able to create their own username/ password

Potential Test takers coming to my site (customers) should be able to browse my test offerings without having to first create a username/password on my site. But in order to actually take a test, they should be required to create a username/password. Otherwise if they started to take a long test and could not finish in 1 sitting, somebody could come along behind them and finish for them. (sabatoge the test) It is unbelievable to me you do not already have this. Even Classmarker and others have it. Unless my developer can do something from my end, your product is unusable to me. The username/password they create needs to be able to work for any test they choose to take from my site. Example if they took test A one week.....and came back the next week to take test B.....they would need to use the same username password each time.

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May 19, 2020
Thank you for showing your interest in us and as a team, we at ProProfs are really working hard to listen to our customers and provide them with a feasible solution.
I would like to let you know that using the Classroom feature of our LMS, you can definitely create the courses just the way you want. https://training.proprofs.com/classroom

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