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Suggested on Jan 10, 2018

Folders on the Training Courses Page

Right now, all the courses in my account are in one long list. As the list gets longer, it becomes increasingly difficult to find certain courses. It would be beneficial to have folders to organize courses for ease in navigating.


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Jan 11, 2018
Hi, Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We do provide Folders on the Training Courses page.
To Manage the folders, Hover over Courses in the dashboard and click on Manage Folders, Here you can edit the already created folders by adding or removing courses or instructors, as well as add a new folder along with courses and instructors.
If you still have any questions, you can reach out us either via Live Chat on our website or e-mail us at [email protected]
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Jan 11, 2018
I am aware of those folders, but I what I mean is to have those folders what you see when you look at all your courses right off the bat (after logging in). I would like those folders to be immediately listed, not immediately the long list.
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Apr 6, 2018
I agree!

Suggested by: nkashack
Category: Training Maker
Status: implemented
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