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Suggested on May 13, 2019

Edit the link text of a ToggleContent

With the currently implemented ToggleContent feature I already have a list of available ToggleContents which I can administrate (which is just fine). But when I use one of these ToggleContents inside my knowledgebase, I always get the "Title" of the content (which of course has a useful name to find it within a longer list of ToggleContents) as the link that I have to click. So assuming I want to have a FAQ where this link is my question and the according answer is toggled, I always would have to use the queestion as the "Title" of the toggle content, which is simply not possible because sometimes I want to use non-ascii symbols within the question and this title has a limited number of characters. So in the end I want to be able to change the link text (Not the Title!) of the ToggleContent once I have used it inside my knowledge base. Or I get an additional parameter of the ToggleContent which is the link text.


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May 13, 2019
Thanks for your suggestion. We have added your suggestion to our roadmap.
Team ProProfs
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May 13, 2019
The next problem is, that I also cannot change the text style of the title which is shown as link. At the moment the title (link) is much larger than the actual content...

Suggested by: T_Wicke
Category: Knowledge Base
Status: Coming Soon
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