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Suggested on Sep 25, 2018

Customize the Message

We can customize the button on Theme edit, why’s not for the others? Could you add a function to edit/customize the message which show up when quiz takers get limitation their attempts (Ex: the quiz takers have 3 time to do the test but they fail all of 3. When they retry 4th time, the message wil show that they need to learn again ABC course or comback in somedays) Thabks


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Sep 27, 2018
Thanks for your valuable suggestion. We have added this to our roadmap. Will add the option to customize the attempts limit alert message soon.
Team ProProfs
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Sep 27, 2018
Hi team,
Before adding that function, could you please update the translation of Vietnamese? In some case it really like Google translate and we have no idea about the meaning.
1. When the report show up result for the Quiz Takers, the time they took to complete the test is still by English. Like 15 mins 14 secs => We can translate:
- "hours" to "giờ"
- "min" to "phút"
- "secs" to "giây"
2. When Quiz takers take the limit of the test (attempts to do test). The message show up:
"You have reached the maximum number of allowed attempts. Contact the instructor to re-take quiz."
And Proprofs translate like below:
"Bạn đã đạt đến số lượng tối đa của những nỗ lực được cho phép. Liên hệ với tác giả bài kiểm tra lại có bài kiểm tra."
But it's not smooth. Please update like that:
"Bạn đã đạt đến số lần làm bài kiểm tra được cho phép. Liên hệ với tác giả bài kiểm tra để có thể làm lại"

Suggested by: nhungnth
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: open
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