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Suggested on Feb 11, 2014

Couple/Dyadic and Group-Level of Analysis

I would  like to request help in constructing a new custom feature that I need, but cannot find on any web applications anywhere. Many researchers and professionals in my field need a  platform to conduct couple/dyadic or group-level research, but the technology is not currently available anywhere. There are so many possibilities for this: many people enjoy taking relationship quizzes, therapists utilize relationship assessments frequently; leaders and consultants may want to conduct research across multiple groups. ProProfs appears to have most of the groundwork already done for this. We just need to add a few more features to complete this type of functionality.  For an example of what this looks like, please take a look at www.Lustability.com, a dyadic type of survey. This type of analysis is exactly the kind of research that I and many others in my field try to do, but there is no technology or software platform that currently allows this unless we program it ourselves. I wrote out a detailed description of the features needed below. Do not be overwhelmed by this as I think most of these points could be easy to program. Again, look at Lustability.com for an example. Let me know if the suggestions I outlined below are possible.  MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS NEEDED ASAP: A.    Have a unique identifier code generated per couple or group that can be shared. This unique code will link database records together as part of one level of analysis. B.    Researchers may ask for first names to keep people straight, but this is optional because I prefer to keep it as anonymous as possible. The name can be useful in the feedback summary. C.    The participant can optionally enter their own email address and the email address(es) of other participant(s) in the couple/group to request their participations. D.    Have link emailed to other participant(s) with the unique couple/group identifier code in both link and content of email, with a reminder "Do not share this code with others." The code will allow the participants to remain anonymous to the researcher, with the exception of the email address which can be kept separate from the data. E.    If participant does not want to share their email address, they just have to provide their unique ID number when they go to the survey link. The code will associate database records together. DESIRED FUNCTIONS NEXT:  F.    Scores for "Personality test" categories will be computed for each participant as in a nested personality type test. In addition, scores for each factor can be combined, subtracted, or added together in combined ways based on a formula provided by the researcher.  G.    Then, new couple/group-level scores for each personality factor will be automatically calculated, based on: 1)    the *average* for both/all participants in that couple or group, and  2)    their level of agreement or the difference between their scores (for couples). H.    Note that some Likert-scale questions may require only ONE partner's scores to be reversed, in order to match the scales with each other. For example, if the question asks a participant to rank between "me" and "my partner," then one will need to be switched so that one's "me" matches the other's "my partner," and so forth. This only applies to some questions that the researcher can specify. ADVANCED FEEDBACK REPORTS: I.    In individual portion of the feedback summary: -    Answers to un-scored demographic questions (age, race, education, etc) can optionally be re-displayed in a summary of the participants so that other participants know something about the individual. -    Researchers can write feedback summaries for individual participants.  -    An optional graph can show how a participant's overall scores compare to the general population of survey participants (with a set number of participants required before comparisons can be made).  J.    When both partners in a couple have participated, an email can be sent to both partners so that the other partner participant can see the cumulative feedback report for the dyadic or group level (NOT the other partner's scores). At the end of completing the survey, if both partners have participated, the next screen after the individual results can show results for the whole couple/group. K.    In the dyadic/group portion of the feedback summary, researchers can opt to display different comparison graphs for dyadic or group level analysis. Graphs can show how a couple/group's OVERALL average and agreement/difference scores compares with the general population of couples or groups (not individuals), with a set number of couples/groups required before comparisons can be made.  L.    Researchers can provide a custom summary response based on: -    How their *average* score as a couple/group compares to other couple/groups, and -    How their level of agreement (the difference) compares to other couples. M.    A bar chart could be generated that compares partners' (or group members) scores in each personality category score with each other.  N.    Scores that are highest in agreement between partners (or group members) can be listed in a table that list areas of agreement.  O.    Scores that are the most different between partners (or group members) can be listed in a table that lists possible growing areas. P.    Researchers can provide a custom written response based on how much they agree and disagree for each category score. Q. Feedback reports can be downloaded as a PDF or emailed to someone else, like their partner, therapist, consultant or workshop leader. The researcher may want to write a statement encouraging them to do so. Again, for an example of the type of dyadic research that this is describing, please take a look at www.Lustability.com. AN ONLINE "TRAINING" COURSE One more idea is that people could create an online "training" course not just for individuals, but also for two people together, such as a couple, a parent-child relationship or even for a small group. This involves the interaction of data between two or more people, and not just the surveying of individuals in isolation. There are so many possibilities for this--such as professionals who are helping fix relationships.   


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Feb 14, 2014
Thank you for taking the time out and sharing these valuable suggestions with us. We understand that the implementation of the above will enhance user experience on our website and offer an extremely personalized service to them.
We’d like you to evaluate our classroom feature and recommend creating various groups under it. To give an example, assume user A and B are couples. Assign both A and B to a group (say Group 1). If we assign any quiz to this group, both users will be able to access this and even share their answers. Additionally, we also support group level reports. When you access this feature, reports for users under this group will exist there.
We would really like you to try out our classroom feature. Do let us know your feedback on the same. For any other assistance, you can even write to us at [email protected]
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Feb 26, 2014
While I appreciate the response, the suggestion is not adequate enough. Because of my background in advanced web database application development, I'm seriously tempted to just start my own online business because no survey app currently gets this. Your idea would work ONLY if I was dealing with one couple at a time. However, I'm talking about doing research on many hundreds of couples, and setting up a separate group for each couple is not feasible, and it still does not provide the kind of couple-level reporting I'm seeking. I believe my suggestion(please read it more carefully) is easy enough to follow through on, and would make a world of a difference to people who research couples, and would save me time in having to build my own app. Shoot, I'm willing to pay for this. Otherwise, I'm planning to build my own competitor website.
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Aug 21, 2015
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Aug 30, 2017
Dear Customer
We really appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions and queries. We will get back to you soon with any update on this.
Team ProProfs

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