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Suggested on Nov 06, 2014

charts for polls

Dear Support, Why is there only two options for how to display the poll results: horizontal bar graph, and pie chart. The pie chart hardly works, it does not give labelling for the choices. (?) The horizontal bar graph picks some weird, non-sequential ordering of the choices. I just want it to list the choices in the order that I put them in, with the corresponding percentages. Why do you insist to make it look "normal/bell-shaped"? You need a button which turns this off and puts the results in the original order!!!

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Nov 20, 2014
Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us.
We have added this suggestion in our improvement roadmap and we will roll out this next week.
Thanks again!
ProProfs Team

Suggested by: sbarone
Category: Polls
Status: implemented
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