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Suggested on Nov 24, 2008

Attachments / Uploads to Blog Entries

How about adding the ability to upload attachments in the blogs? Currently, I have to make a post in the forums, upload an attachment/document/etc. there, and then make a blog entry with a link to the forum post. It'd be great to see this feature added to the Profile/Personal Portal/About Me page too.


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Dec 6, 2008
This should be working now. Please check.
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Dec 6, 2008
James - I tested this out on my blog & it does allow for attachment uploading now, YAY! The only kink is that if you insert the attachment into the text of your blog entry, it shows up twice - once from you uploading it and once from the insertion into the blog text. But that just might be from me being a bit slow & not very graceful this morning! :D

Suggested by: Skrpune
Category: Other
Status: implemented
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