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Suggested on Jan 14, 2014

Add 'Font Size' and 'Font' options as a global setting

I like to have consistency in the quizzes I create and now that we have the ability to set a 'theme' for quizzes - I would really love for the font and font size to remain consistent throughout all quizzes but have the 'theme' or colors different depending on the quiz.  It would save so much time if I could set or make changes to the font and font sizes used on my quizzes globally instead of having to go through each individual quiz.  Thanks! Jess [email protected]


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Jan 14, 2014
Thank you for your valuable suggestion. At present, every quiz has its own settings, though centralized setting is already in our road map. Centralized setting will be global for all quizzes and we plan to launch that soon. Once this is in place, font as well as themes will also be part of this setting.
Thanks again!
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Mar 28, 2014
I was curious if you guys were working on this soon - I haven't heard any updates in a while?

Suggested by: [email protected]
Category: Quiz Maker
Status: Coming Soon
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