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From English to Lithuanian

1) "Select a Match" = "Pasirinkite" (or "Pasirinkite tinkamÄ…") 2) "Custom graded questions" = "Vertinami klausimai" (or "Pasirinktinai klasifikuoti klausimai") 3) "mins"="min." and "secs"="sek.")

Status: Coming Soon     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 3 comments

The very Hungry Caterpillar

How can I download the flashcards for the hungry caterpillar, Every time i try do download it tells me that i am not authorized to do so. Thank you very much

Status: open     Category: Flashcards    Join Discussion: 0 comments

Let the instructor unlock scores for students

A nice enhancement would be the ability to hide the scores/results of quizzes until the instructor unlocks it at a later time. This allows for instructor to plan a day to reveal and go over answers with students without having the students know if they passed or failed.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 2 comments

Include Name of Copied Course/Quiz in Popup Confirmation

Add the name of the quiz/course/etc. to the confirmation pop-up that confirms it has been copied to another account.

Status: Coming Soon     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Operator Choice to Create CRM Lead

It seems that the Live Chat integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is basically an all or nothing approach. You can either have ALL chats turned into leads or none. I would find the integration much better if during/after the chat, each operator had the ability to hit a button that says "Create Lead". Let them have the chat, see if it should be turned into a lead and then let them make the decision. We would have a lot of useless and/or duplicate leads in our system if we just turned on the "Make Leads" option.

Status: implemented     Category: Live Chat    Join Discussion: 1 comments


Please add an autosave function. I just created 6 very detailed cards only for the server to tell me that an error occurred and I had the "Saving... Please Wait" display for about 10 minutes before I had to refresh the page and all my cards were gone.

Status: Coming Soon     Category: Flashcards    Join Discussion: 1 comments

marked box

Is there a way to know which homework has been marked , other than going into the persons test. It would be nice to have a box to check after you have marked the homework.

Status: implemented     Category: Training Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Bulk Questions

I have a word file containing the MCQs in the following format? Q1 What are primary colours? A. Red B. Blue C. Green D. All of the above and so on so forth. How can I upload all these questions as it is very difficult to copy each question and each option from word and paste in your quizmaker.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Edit the link text of a ToggleContent

With the currently implemented ToggleContent feature I already have a list of available ToggleContents which I can administrate (which is just fine). But when I use one of these ToggleContents inside my knowledgebase, I always get the "Title" of the content (which of course has a useful name to find it within a longer list of ToggleContents) as the link that I have to click. So assuming I want to have a FAQ where this link is my question and the according answer is toggled, I always would have to use the queestion as the "Title" of the toggle content, which is simply not possible because sometimes I want to use non-ascii symbols within the question and this title has a limited number of characters. So in the end I want to be able to change the link text (Not the Title!) of the ToggleContent once I have used it inside my knowledge base. Or I get an additional parameter of the ToggleContent which is the link text.

Status: implemented     Category: Knowledge Base    Join Discussion: 4 comments

Search keywords - list of existing search keywords

I would like to have a list of search keywords that are used in my Help Site(s) and I would like that adding search keywords to a particular page (in the page settings) works in the following way: 1. Access page settings 2. Opening the "list of search keywords" (e.g. a drop-down list) 3a. Choose existing keywords by clicking on them 3b. For new keyword: Enter the keyword in a text field Having a list increases the overview about existing search keyword and helps to create a standardized set of search keywords.

Status: Coming Soon     Category: Knowledge Base    Join Discussion: 1 comments
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