Profiling is the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying categories of people.

5 Sample Questions

A client with tuberculosis is admitted in the hospital for 2 weeks. When a client’s family members come to visit, they would be adhering to respiratory isolation precautions when they: 


  • A. wash their hands when leaving
  • B. put on gowns, gloves and masks
  • C. avoid contact with the client’s roommate
  • D. keep the client’s room door open

An infant is brought to the emergency department and diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. The parents of the client ask the nurse, “Why does my baby continue to vomit?” Which of the following would be the best nursing response of the nurse? 


  • A. “Your baby eats too rapidly and overfills the stomach, which causes vomiting
  • B. “Your baby can’t empty the formula that is in the stomach into the bowel”
  • C. “The vomiting is due to the nausea that accompanies pyloric stenosis”
  • D. “Your baby needs to be burped more thoroughly after feeding”

A 70-year-old client with suspected tuberculosis is brought to the geriatric care facilities. An intradermal tuberculosis test is schedule to be done. The client asks the nurse what is the purpose of the test. Which of the following would be the best rationale for this? 


  • A. reactivation of an old tuberculosis infection
  • B. increased incidence of new cases of tuberculosis in persons over 65 years old
  • C. greater exposure to diverse health care workers
  • D. respiratory problems are characteristic in this population

 The nurse is making a health teaching to the parents of the client. In teaching parents how to measure the area of induration in response to a PPD test, the nurse would be most accurate in advising the parents to measure: 


  • A. both the areas that look red and feel raised
  • B. The entire area that feels itchy to the child
  • C. Only the area that looks reddened
  • D. Only the area that feels raised

A community health nurse is schedule to do home visit. She visits to an elderly person living alone. Which of the following observation would be a concern?


  • A. Picture windows
  • B. Unwashed dishes in the sink
  • C. Clear and shiny floors
  • D. Brightly lit rooms

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This appraisal will evaluate the performance of the reviewee on the extent of their capacity to adjust to a professional environment that they will assume as soon as they pass the local nurse licensure examination. It will also address their capacity to deal with being a leader and manager in the unit. Nursing research is also included in the appraisal in order for the reviewee to analyze evidence based practice which is relevant to the nursing profession.

Fundamentals Of Nursing Practice Trivia - 1

The basic principles and practices of nursing as taught in educational programs for nurses. In a course on the fundamentals of nursing, traditionally required in the first semester of the program, the student attends classes and gives care to selected patients. A fundamental of nursing course emphasizes the importance of the fundamental needs of humans as well as competence in basic skills as prerequisites to providing comprehensive nursing care.