This appraisal will evaluate the performance of the reviewee on the extent of their capacity to adjust to a professional environment that they will assume as soon as they pass the local nurse licensure examination. It will also address their capacity to deal with being a leader and manager in the unit. Nursing research is also included in the appraisal in order for the reviewee to analyze evidence based practice which is relevant to the nursing profession.

5 Sample Questions

SITUATION: As a registered nurse,Glenn assumes responsibility for systematically assessing needs of his clients.He admitted Mr. Dancel to the ward.

1. During initial contact with Mr. Dancel, which of the following greetings by the nurse will more likely put him  at ease?

  • A. "Good morning, I am Glenn, your new nurse"
  • B. "How are you today? I am your new nurse"
  • C. "Are you Mr. Dancel, bed 36?"
  • D. "I have been assigned to take care of you"

In his initial and on-going assignment, nurse Glenn utilized the:

  • A. problem-oriented medical records
  • B. Kardex recording system
  • C. Problem-solving approach to care
  • D. Standards of nursing care assessments

Mr.Dancel appears quite thin. What data would you initially need to determine his level of nutrition?

  • A. nutrition notes by the dietician
  • B. a sample of his daily weight
  • C. foods he ate yesterday
  • D. his height and weight

The admission data will include social data about the patient. These are examples of social data except:

  • A. perception of illness
  • B. religious practices
  • C. family home situation
  • D. patient's lifestyle

Which of the following is true about nursing assessment?

  • A. assessment ends with a diagnosis
  • B. assessment data is recorded in SOAP
  • C. nursing audit is a part of assessment
  • D. assessment is a continuous process

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