5 Sample Questions

This phase occurs when the community organization has already been established and the community members are already actively participating in community wide undertakings

  • A. Entry Phase
  • B. Organizing - Building Phase
  • C. Pre-entry Phase
  • D. Sustenance and Strengthening Phase

A systematic study designed to collect data about a community, but costly and time consuming

  • A. Epidemiology
  • B. Home visit
  • C. Survey
  • D. Interview

It is the phase of community organizing that is the formation of more formal structure and the inclusion of more formal process of planning, implementing and evaluating of community wide activities

  • A. Pre-entry Phase
  • B. Sustenance and Strengthening Phase
  • C. Organizing - Building Phase
  • D. Entry Phase

It is the establishing of rapport with the people and imbibing community life by living with the community people and undergoing the same experience that they have, sharing their hopes, aspirations and hardships towards building mutual trust and cooperation?

  • A. Community Organizing
  • B. Cooperation
  • C. Integration
  • D. Being friendly

Refers to a systematic approach, a study of the health condition of a community, involving the collection, analysis and the interpretation of data including statistical data

  • A. Diagnosis
  • B. Medical health diagnosis
  • C. Nursing care diagnosis
  • D. Community health diagnosis

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This appraisal will evaluate the performance of the reviewee on the extent of their capacity to adjust to a professional environment that they will assume as soon as they pass the local nurse licensure examination. It will also address their capacity to deal with being a leader and manager in the unit. Nursing research is also included in the appraisal in order for the reviewee to analyze evidence based practice which is relevant to the nursing profession.

A PROFILING EXAM for all the doctors and those who...

Profiling is the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying categories of people.

Fundamentals Of Nursing Practice Trivia - 1

The basic principles and practices of nursing as taught in educational programs for nurses. In a course on the fundamentals of nursing, traditionally required in the first semester of the program, the student attends classes and gives care to selected patients. A fundamental of nursing course emphasizes the importance of the fundamental needs of humans as well as competence in basic skills as prerequisites to providing comprehensive nursing care.