The basic principles and practices of nursing as taught in educational programs for nurses. In a course on the fundamentals of nursing, traditionally required in the first semester of the program, the student attends classes and gives care to selected patients. A fundamental of nursing course emphasizes the importance of the fundamental needs of humans as well as competence in basic skills as prerequisites to providing comprehensive nursing care.

5 Sample Questions

A client undergoes a total abdominal hysterectomy. When assessing the client 10 hours later, the nurse identifies which finding as an early sign of shock?

  • A. Restlessness
  • B. Pale, warm, dry skin
  • C. Heart rate of 110 beats/minute
  • D. Urine output of 30 ml/hour

A mother comes to the clinic with her 5-year-old son who's complaining of a fever and sore throat. The nurse documents the client's tonsils as 3+. This means they're:

  • A. barely visible outside the tonsillar pillar.
  • B. halfway between the tonsillar pillar and the uvula.
  • C. touching the uvula.
  • D. touching each other.

The nurse measures a client's apical pulse rate and compares it with the radial pulse rate. The differential between these two pulses is called:

  • A. the pulse pressure.
  • B. the pulse deficit.
  • C. the pulse rhythm.
  • D. pulsus regularis.

Why should an infant be quiet and seated upright when the nurse assesses his fontanels?

  • A. The mother will have less trouble holding a quiet, upright infant.
  • B. Lying down can cause the fontanels to recede, making assessment more difficult.
  • C. The infant can breathe more easily when sitting up.
  • D. Lying down and crying can cause the fontanels to bulge.

A client comes to the clinic for a routine checkup. To assess the client's gag reflex, the nurse should use which method?

  • A. Place a tongue blade on the front of the tongue and ask the client to say "ah."
  • B. Place a tongue blade lightly on the posterior aspect of the tongue.
  • C. Place a tongue blade on the middle of the tongue and ask the client to cough.
  • D. Place a tongue blade on the uvula.

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This appraisal will evaluate the performance of the reviewee on the extent of their capacity to adjust to a professional environment that they will assume as soon as they pass the local nurse licensure examination. It will also address their capacity to deal with being a leader and manager in the unit. Nursing research is also included in the appraisal in order for the reviewee to analyze evidence based practice which is relevant to the nursing profession.

A PROFILING EXAM for all the doctors and those who...

Profiling is the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying categories of people.