2-5-2020 Eagala Skillsets Group Mentoring

Listen in to your fellow Eagala colleagues engaging in a mentoring session! Learn from their learning, and have an opportunity to ask questions or participate as the mentee in one of these monthly group mentoring experiences. A great way to improve our skillsets in the model, and get a taste of the ...

By Eagala $15
Soft Skills for Success: How to Communicate in the Workplace

Communication is flowing, and then all of a sudden, a co-worker says something that throws us into a reaction we didn't expect. This can happen at work or in our personal life. So what do we do in those moments, so we can move to a more effective and open dialog?   Learn techniq...

Interviewing Skills for the Interviewee

Welcome to your online Interviewing Skills for the Interviewee course. For over 20 years our trainers at Total Success Training have taught thousands of our delegates to become more effective by teaching them practical tips and techniques that can be used immediately.     W...

By Warren Wint £30
Strong in Human Skills? Technical Skills? Or Conceptual Skills?

Management Aptitude Questionnaire. This 18 question test will help you identify if you are Strong in Human Skills, Technical Skills or Conceptual Skills?

By Terri $5
C- Skill Acquisition

Skill Acquisition - Targets quiz for section C Learn about schedules of reinforcement and generalization and more!