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Moderator edit permissions

Not sure if it's possible, but would like to know if can give moderators permission to edit signatures in members' profiles to remove "questionable" content (i.e. brain dumps, inappropriate links, etc.)

Status: implemented     Category: Other    Join Discussion: 1 comments

View Unanswered Posts link for forums

I'd love to see a shortcut/link to "view unanswered posts" in the forums - I've seen it on other forums, and it is a great way to quickly view all posts which have zero replies. Also makes it harder for posts to go unanswered, adding to our community feel...

Status: implemented     Category: Other    Join Discussion: 4 comments

Online Helpful Guides For Quiz School

We should offer online helpful guides for Quiz School. Lot of support emails we get ask the same questions repeatedly like how to grade quizzes. A guide can help resolve these issues for ProProfs users.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Good work

The idea of sharing suggestions is very innovative and important.I really liked it and hope to see people coming forward with new ideas and suggestion which would be helpful in the development of your work. And as they say critics are the best ways to know about your work , you will also have some positive criticism and as well as negative but both would bring out a better thing out of it. so all in all its a good thing and hope you get a good response.Regards

Status: implemented     Category: Other    Join Discussion: 3 comments

Download Quiz Reports

Add a feature of score report download, where users(authors) can easily download the quiz reports table shown in "Score Reports" tab of quiz description page.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Request a Quiz Password Feature

Add or associate a feature with each protected quiz, where users (other than quiz author) can request author for quiz password.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Set Cursor Focus in Quiz View Pages

In quiz view pages, when some one's taking quiz: set cursor focus to text box as default on fill in the blanks based questions. So that user can quickly answer the questions and quickly finish the quiz.

Status: implemented     Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments
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