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Course reminder e-mail sending

When sending reminder-email before completion date if students have not completed the course I can only remind 1-10 days before. I would like to remind more than 10 days before. Why not bumpt that up to one month before?

Status: open    Category: Training Maker    Join Discussion: 0 comments

Stop stealing other people's work!

The MLA format quiz is stolen from Athabasca University's Write Site. How do I know? Because I developed that quiz year ago. Shameful plagiarism.

Status: open    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

WAV files

Really would be helpful to be able to insert wav files as a format to audio.

Status: open    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

course start/end dates for users and groups

When adding a course to a user or group would like the ability to assign a start date and end date of the course being assigned. This would allow us to assign the same course to many different users or groups, and each of those users or groups could start and end the course on different dates.

Status: Coming Soon    Category: Training Maker    Join Discussion: 2 comments

Can 'Date' on export to Excel be in a more standard format?

Actually, two items.
First, while searching here to see if there had been any notes on "Date Format" already, it tells me there are "Total 25 suggestions found for date format at ProProfs Suggestion".
The page shows 13 results. If you hit the NEXT button at the bottom, the next page has lost the search results and suddenly we are just looking at 595 general results. You're losing the query string there it seems.

Second, I'm pretty sure I've seen this same suggestion before, but when using the reports, the data is in that fairly unstandard format of "Mar 20, 2014 04:50 PM" instead of a more standard "3/20/2014 04:50:00 PM" format. If you could standarize the data format it would make the exported data that we all use for our reporting much easier to use. Right now, the date field is almost unusable.

Status: open    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 2 comments

Sorting sorta not sorting

It appears you have a sorting issue on that main list of quizzes.
If I sort by recent attempt, I currently see starting from the top down:


Sorting by "My Quizzes" which would you assume would be sorting by Quiz Name doesn't work.

Within the reporting section, if I sort by "Time Taken" I'm getting..
10 mins 11 secs
10 mins 27 secs
10 mins 6 secs
11 mins 35 secs
11 mins 36 secs
6 mins 27 secs
6 mins 52 secs

Status: open    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 0 comments

I can't even see a 9 tile puzzle

I see a little icon an  when I click I get a box , no picture or anything. I can't see numbers or any pictures.

Status: open    Category: Other    Join Discussion: 1 comments

High Score Vs Average on Grade book reports

It would be great to have a way in the group Grade Book report to get the individuals highest achieved pass mark rather than the average? I need to be able to check in a group report that students are achieving a passing grade which I can not tell from the  current averaged Grade book report.
 If I run the report for Quiz’s taken for the group there is a lot of data to filter through if students have had multiple attempts at the Quiz

Status: Coming Soon    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 1 comments

Export Scores to Excel - Please set default file name to quiz name

I have a zillion EXCEL files in my download folder now that are named "Report_Attemptxxxxxx.xls".
As someone who did this web stuff for quite a while, I know that it's a simple step to set the filename to something for an XLS file when doing an export.

Please, for the sake of my download box, set the filename for the XLS export to the name of the quiz that you are exporting from.

Status: implemented    Category: Quiz Maker    Join Discussion: 2 comments

Fix the Daily Games Page

Hi,  I find the daily games page phenomenally entertaining.  But it appears that the games have disappeared from the game.  Please restore them!


[email protected]

Status: implemented    Category: Other    Join Discussion: 1 comments

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