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Working in Teams

Please allow My Instructors to view/edit each other's work.  Allow for the updates to reflect who made the changes.  I have a team of 5 individuals that need to be able to work together to create content/quizzes/surveys.  It doesn't help when My Instructors can only see their own creations nor does it help me as their leader.  Currently, I have to give everyone my master userid/pswd. 

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I'm getting SPAM from the email I gave you!

My email, [email protected], is being SPAMed. I use an individual email for each signup, so I can track what happens. It has stood me in good stead. When Adobe got hacked, I just deleted that email address and never got another SPAM. I'll do the same with yours. I'm not sure if ProProfs got hacked or if it sells its email list. Either way, it is a problem.
I got this from [email protected]
 Good Morning!
I have found your summary on Careerbuilder website and treat you like a future employee. Your salary is $4500 per month + bonus (%6.69 to %9.83).
Basic Conditions:   - opportunity to work 24-48 hours per week;
- US nationals strictly with clear background report;
- super organizational, negotiating, analytical skills; - 5 years of aggregate operational practice (not onlyin Purchasing);
- Internet and PC access;
- PC user skills, email; - you may mix this job with other activity.
Whether you are interested in this position please give a response back.
You could reply to [email protected]



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Slow server

It can't just be us that have noticed this but the server seems slow during the day.  It often takes a while to load content.  Can you fix this?

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use a dictionary

one puzzle had the word History spelled histroy. another puzzle called "Animal Hunt" had about 7 words to find and at the
bottom of the word list it had the word undefined in small print. I found all the words in the list but the puzzle acted as if I
had not finished. I even found another word that was not on the list (pig) but it would not highlight that word. not to be insulting or anything but maybe it shoule be "Semi-pro Profs"

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Try my new quiz if you are a fan of MLP

Its called which MLP Mane 6 are you by me, ShazzaHovercat.

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Improve Georgian localization

Well, there're many grammar mistakes in Georgian language.
In particular:
incorrect is: { #noumber of minutes წუთებში } and correct is { #noumber of minutes  წუთში };
incorrect - { #noumber of questions კითხვები }, correct - { #noumber of questions შეკითხვა };
incorrect - { ბოლო სახელი }, correct - { გვარი };
incorrect - { პირადობის მოწმობა }, correct - { ID ნომერი };
incorrect - { Characters remaing #noumber of characters  }, correct - { დარჩა #noumber of characters  სიმბოლო };
incorrect - { #noumber of minutes  min #noumber of seconds sec }, correct - { #noumber of minutes  წთ. #noumber
of seconds 
წმ. };
incorrect - { ქულები }, correct - { ქულა };
incorrect - { მინიმალური წარმატება }, correct - { მინიმუმი გადასასვლელად };
incorrect - { დროს მიღებული }, correct - { მუშაობის დრო };
incorrect - { უღელტეხილი }, correct - { გადასული ხარ };
incorrect - { Essay }, correct - { ესე };
incorrect - { ვერ ), correct - { თქვენ ჩაიჭერით };
incorrect - { Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Your score report is presented below }, corredt - { იმედია რომ გამოცდით ისიამოვნეთ! თქვენი შედეგი მოცემულია ქვემოთ };
incorrect - { აირჩიეთ მატჩი }, correct - { აირჩიეთ ვარიანტი };
incorrect - { სწორი }, correct - { სწორია };
incorrect - { შესაძლებელია სწორი პასუხი }, correct - { სწორი პასუხია };
incorrect - { მცდარი }, correct - { შეცდომაა }.

PS: Please at first correct mistakes in system characters:

I can translate certificate but now I don't have time for that.

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Saving Quizzes

1.  Is there a way you can "preview" a test that was made without having to "log in." ?  It seems silly that I the creator of the quiz has to "log in" to preview the test that I created.  Plus I have the hardest time loggin in.  Or basically the log in doesn't work for me.

2.  Also is there a way to allow quiz takers to see the "tags" that are made??  I don't understand the purpose behind the tags unless I can show the quiz takers.    

3.  Lastly, is there a way to both "save" the test and also review for final submission? Reviewing before submission is a nice feature to allow quiz takers to review their quiz before submission but then they can't save it in case they lose connection or get kicked off of the Pro-Proffs server.  

Let me know if you have questions.




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Question numbering in surveys

I would like more flexibility in question numbering for surveys. For example, I often don't want instructions to be numbered. Also, sometimes I want to have a main question or instructions, then "sub-questions" underneath. So, something like:

1. Please rate the following.
a. Item 1
Bad  Neutral  Good
b. Item 2
Bad  Neutral  Good
c. Item 3
Bad  Neutral  Good

2. Next question

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Spanish Translation

I want to contribute with the spanish translation, since its very poor.

For a first suggestion, in the navigation menu that appears in each question when a quiz is set to show only one question per page and allow the students to navigate between questions, the option to go back to a previous question (from question 2) displays 'ESPALDA' which in spanish refers to the back part of the human body. So the correct translation would be 'Pregunta Anterior' which really means 'Previous Question'.

Another good translation for the same could be 'Volver Atrás' (its 'Go Back')

Thanks for your attention, i hope you take this.

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German translation

If you are working with a classroom, all optional questions are shown once again at the end of the quizz. At the beginning there is always a "Q" for question (Q1, Q2,...). This should rather be "Frage 1, Frage 2, ...".

Furthermore, if I leave questions open as I do not know the answer this sign appears: "the following optional questions are pending a response: submit My Quiz / Answer pending Questions".

The german translation would be:
"Die nachfolgenden, optionalen Fragen sind noch offen: Quiz einreichen / offene Fragen beantworten".


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