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Ranking Bug / User Confusion

The ranking feature for Survey's causes users confusions because the numeric drop downs do not work initially when they are blank. It does work if you do drag and drop of the items first and then the drop downs are populated. There is probably a simple fix here which is to pre-populate the drop downs. Either way, this is causing bias in my surveys. Please try to fix it soon.

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Resuming Quizzes

Would it be possible to allow quiz takers to resume their quizzes on a new computer and have an option to bring up their previous work?  We use long form quizzes that require the test taker to see their previous answers.  I can see how many times that would not work for all users so I am hoping that could be added as a setting.

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game is malfunctioning when trying to shoot balls with mouse. the same on different computers

fix game

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Regrade Quizzes

1.  If an edit is made in the 'key' it would be nice that all the quizzes already submitted would be 'regraded'.

Changing each quiz individually is cumbersome.

2.  Embed a way to tie questions to standards (GPS for education in Georgia).

3.  Be able to add bonus points from the 'list view' of reports intead of opening each report of individual students.

Thank you,
Pebble Johnson

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Answer questions correctly!

My son just tried your test for distributive properties for 7th grade math.  He was maybe 8 questions in and found two incorrect answers on your test!  That's shameful.

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Separate submit button


I have a suggestion that would perhaps enhance the reliability / usability of your service. I'm talking about getting around the "Internal 500 Server Error" pop-ups we have had multiple times while testing. Just as an example, yesterday 5-6 times while trying to send one answer. I know this error perhaps isn't your fault exactly.

Right now, the only way to have a separate button to send an answer to get to the next question is to have either "Allow review before final submission" or "Allow navigation between questions" enabled in the quiz.

We have chosen to go with the "Allow review before final submission" for now, as navigation / skipping is not an option because we want all of our questions to be required questions. You can't skip required questions. And when you can skip questions (or just continue, by accident, without selecting an answer), those skipped questions are never shown again. We don't want that, we want every question answered.

Why we need a separate button?
Because if the quiz tries to continue automatically after selecting an answer and gets a 500 error, you can't continue. The pop-up says something like "Please submit again", but you can't without a separate button for it. Clicking on your answer does nothing, neither clicking on any other answer. If / when this happens, customers are forced to refresh the page and start over (if you want your quiz shuffled like we do -> customers can't continue where they left off). Your / our customers would get really frustrated and perhaps even scared to do anything and contacts customer service on what to do.

Allowing the review and having a separate button to submit is a workaround for this right now, but we would like to have a button at all times and don't really need / want the review feature. The fact that the workaround works, I would think that adding a separate button would also work.

Sorry for the long suggestion, just wanted to be clear that we need this. Most likely others too.


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How to share a folder to assign multiple grouped quizzes.

If single quizzes can be assigned and shared through a link, why can't the same be done for a folder of quizzes? It would be very helpful to be able to assign grouped quizzes. 

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Finnish review translations

This is getting weird... Wherever you got these translations from, top of the line service or not, they're wrong.

I want to clarify that I'm talking about "tests" (koe) rather than "quizzes" (tietovisa / tietokilpailu) when translating, which is more formal way of saying it. "Tietovisa" is more of a game you would play with your friends.

I have translations to some of these five, but also a few questions:

These are clear to me:
2) Kysymyksiä yhteensä
4) Tarkastele kokeen muita kysymyksiä

What are 1) and 3) in English? I can't make any sense of these...

I have a question about the buttons, especially number 5).
Why can we set our own texts for the buttons in the theme customization, if almost none of them are visible in the quiz itself? So far, I think the only button text that changes, and is visible, is the "Start" button. We have set the "Submit my final answers" button to have the text "Lähetä lopulliset vastaukseni", but it does not change a thing. The same goes for the "Next", "Next question" and "Submit my answers" buttons, they're either never visible or changing the text does nothing.

Also, the button colors are still the default blue (or this red seen on the number 5)) when taking the quiz, only the "Start" button is the colour we have set (which is orange). This is what I mean:

As a bonus, this translation is also a bit incorrect:

This is the best I could come up with:
6) Olet saavuttanut enimmäismäärän sallittuja yrityksiä. Ota yhteyttä kokeen tekijään ja pyydä uutta yrityskertaa.

Thanks in advance for the answers and fixes...

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More Suggestions for Swedish Translation of Quiz Instructions

Instead of Minsta framgång, it ought to be "Gräns för godkänt (80 %)"
(Failed) Misslyckas = Icke godkänt
Passed = Godkänt

Thank you. Better than google translate!

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Swedish Quiz Translation

Please consider these changes to the Swedish quiz translations:

Frågor should be frågor (no captial F)

Mark för granskning should be changed to Markera för senare granskning
Hoppa fråga should be changed to Hoppa över frågan

The bit about pending questions doesn't work. I tried it but when I clicked Answer Pending Questions nothing happened. The dialogue box is in English but perhaps that is difficult to change? If it is not too hard the equivalent is:

Submit My Quiz = Skicka in mina svar
Answer Pending Questions = Svara på resterande frågor
The following optional questions are pending a response = Följande frågor är fortfarande obesvarade

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