Parts Of A Circle

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Parts Of A Circle
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Line AB is the ________.
Point G represents the part of the line that is ________ to the circle.
3.  A ________ is a set of points in a plane that are the same distance from a fixed point in the center.
4.  The perimeter of a circle is called the __________.
In Circle A, the green line is called a __________.
True or False. In this diagram, the pink line and the red line are both chords.
7.  A(n) ____ is a part of the circle's circumference.
In Circle R, the two red lines are radii. ________ is the blue-shaded part of this circle.
9.  A ________ is an instrument used to draw circles, or the parts of a circle's circumference, which is called a(n) ________.
10.  True or False. The measurement of a circle's diameter is always larger than measurement of the same circle's circumference.
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