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Odyssey Book 9 & 10 Quiz

20 Questions  I  By Marjon
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Odyssey Quizzes & Trivia
Use your odyssey book and study guide to answer the following questions from book 9 and 10.   follow directions in each question - you will be graded on following directions, correct answers, spelling, and punctuation and properly introduced and cited quotes.

reread your answers at the end prior to your final submission.   no need to print - i will grade your answers online.

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1.  Why does Aeolus refuse to help Odysseus after he is blown back to the island?
2.  Who is the Cyclops' father?
3.  In complete sentences, describe what Aeolus gives to Odysseus and what happens to it.  
4.  In a complete sentence, describe what Hermes gives to Odysseus in order for Circe’s spell not to affect him.
5.  What is the Cyclops' name?
6.  An epithet is an adjective or phrase used to characterize someone or something (resourceful Odysseus).  What epithet does Homer use to characterize Odysseus on p. 139?  Copy the entire line from the book and cite it accurately.  
7.  In a complete sentence, describe the theme that is evident on p. 125. (Hint - it pertains to Calypso and Circe). 
8.  In a complete sentence, name the man who is in charge of the men who go to Circe’s palace first.
9.  In a complete sentence, describe what two animals Circe gave to Odysseus before he left her island.
10.  In a complete sentence, describe who Circe sends Odysseus to see in Hade's Kingdom of Decay and why.
11.  What five things do Odysseus and his men do to defeat the Cyclops (p. 134-137)?                                                
12.   A Homeric simile compares something you cannot see to something ordinary.  What Homeric simile is written on page 135?  Copy the entire line and cite it accurately.
13.  What literary element does Homer use in Book 9 when Odysseus is telling King Alcinous his adventures?
14.  In a complete sentence, describe what kind of animal Odysseus' men were turned into when they arrived at Circe's home.
15.  In complete sentences, explain what the lotus is and how it affected Odysseus' men.  Why didn't Odysseus' men want to leave the country of the Lotus-eaters?  
16.  In a complete sentence, describe who died at Circe’s palace and how it happened. Be specific.
17.  Odysseus wanted to see the "owner of the cave" on page 131.  List three adjectives that describe Odysseus' behavior when he says, "...I was not to be persuaded.  I wished to see the owner of the cave and had hopes of some friendly gifts from my host" (131).                        
18.   In a complete sentence, describe which theme is evident on page 132 (between lines 267 and 272).
19.  In a complete sentence, describe what is referred to as noxious on page 149, line 236.  Is it?
20.  "Dawn appeared, fresh and rosy-fingered,.." (128). Which literary element is this?
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