Latin Comparatives And Superlatives

30 Questions  I  By Caz89
Provide the correct comparative or superlative form of the following adjectives and adverbs.

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1.  Comparative of fortiter
2.  Comparative of libere
3.  Comparative of altus
4.  Superlative of foriter
5.  Comparative of malus
6.  Superlative of magnus
7.  Comparative of bonus
8.  Comparative of acriter
9.  Superlative of altus
10.  Comparative of alte
11.  Comparative of facile
12.  Comparative of magnus
13.  Superlative of facilis
14.  Comparative of liber
15.  Superlative of facile
16.  Superlative of libere
17.  Superlative of malus
18.  Superlative of bene
19.  Superlative of fortis
20.  Comparative of acer
21.  Comparative of male
22.  Superlative of male
23.  Superlative of acriter
24.  Superlative of alte
25.  Superlative of bonus
26.  Comparative of fortis
27.  Comparative of bene
28.  Superlative of liber
29.  Superlative of acer
30.  Comparative of facilis
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