Figures Of Speech - Or Personification

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1.  Jenny had cooked the candy too long. When she was ready to cut it in squares, it was a rock.
2.  Sue Ann worked hard on her report. After she gave it before the class, she felt light as a feather. 
3.  The old car awoke reluctantly from its night's sleep. Coughing and spluttering, it finally broke into a loud roar.
4.  The trees of the forest sympathetically watched over the lost child. 
5.  After Marchall climbed three flights of stairs, he had to sit down. He was a puffing steam engine. 
6.  Barbara's cake for the contest turned out practically perfect - it responed to touch like a sponge. 
7.  The storm was a savage beast. It took the house in its teeth and shook it.
8.  Wiley was very good at chess. "You have to watch him" his father said. "He's a real fox."
9.  The day after the rain, the air was clean and fresh. A soft little breeze carried the scent of lilacs.
10.  The boy's room was an amusement arcade.
11.  Louis is as strong and tall as a redwood.
12.  Computers talk to one another.
13.  The train whistle screamed as the train flew through the tunnel.
14.  The kitchen is the heart of my mother's house.
15.  The idea was a fire in my head.
16.  The waxed floor was as slippery as an ice rink.
17.  Grandmother's dresser drawers smelled like a rose garden.
18.  The truck groaned under the strain of its load.
19.  The rain formed a curtain of water on the window.
20.  All the world's a stage.
21.  Big sisters are the crabgrass in the lawn of life.
22.  After a week without rain, the flowers begged to be watered.
23.  The ball was thrown like a bullet.
24.  The moon peeked out from behind the clouds.
25.  The wide rock ledge was a safe harbor for the weary mountain climbers.
26.  Fall leaves were strewn like confetti on the path.
27.  The green vines wound their arms around the rusty gate.
28.  Fran's new car turned out to be a lemon.
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