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Characters In My Father Sun-sun Johnson

10 Questions  I  By Sherene1
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Test your memory. See how well you remember the names of the characters in my father sun-sun johnson. Check if you can remember their roles and even the correct spelling of their names.

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1.  Collie Rainer is _________________________________________.
  • Debbie is ________________________________________________________.
3.  Miss _______________ taught at the high school. She taught the narrator geography.
4.  The hero of the story is _______________ Johnson; called _______________.
5.  The story is narrated by the hero’s son, ______________________ Johnson.  
6.  The helper at Robin Hill was________________. She cried when she heard that the Johnsons were moving out.
  • The villain of the story is     ___________ ___________________.
8.  The neighbours at River Bottom are _________________________________________________________________.
  • Arlene and Brad are________________________________________________.
10.  The villian's chauffeur is ___________________ ___________________.
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