Anthropology Quiz 1

8 Questions  I  By LeighD
Quiz for Chapter 1 of the anthropology book "Mirror for Humanity" by Conrad P. Kottak.

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1.  The primary determinant of skin color is
2.  What are some problems with racial classification?
3.  List the five main types of adaptation anthropologists are concerned with.
4.  _____ is the process by which organisms cope with environmental forces and stresses.
5.  Food production was developed approximately _________ years ago.
6.  What is Anthropology?
7.  When analyzing the differences between physical appearances of people it is useful to consider ancestry, natural selection, and _____ for skin color, ______ for bone structure, and _____ ______ for embryonic developement. (3 answers separated by commas)
8.  Ratherfthan assign racial classes it is more productive to _______ the ______. (two words, separated by a comma)
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