Section N: The Hyphen (practice)

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Add hyphens where necessary in the following sentences.

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1.  I just realized that I have twenty seven cousins on my mom’s side.
2.  Three fourths of them live in Wisconsin.
3.  The catch all drawer in our kitchen really needs to be cleaned.
4.  Mom gave me a don’t even think about it look.
5.  I heard that seven foot doctors were meeting today to discuss athlete’s foot.
6.  Those are her can’t catch me shoes.
7.  I went out to dinner with my mother in law last night.
8.  We invited thirty seven or thirty eight people to the barbecue.
9.  I saw a six inch worm on the sidewalk.
10.  The bride to be looked nervous when she walked down the aisle.
11.  I have a brother in law who travels overseas all the time.
12.  There are forty eight people in line to buy tickets right now.
13.  Seven eighths of the puppies are black and white.
14.  The queen’s lady in waiting stood in the background waiting for orders.
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