There are two major negotiating games that you can play. One is the RED game in which you believe the “more for you means less for them”. If there is a fixed pie available you will see your role as getting the largest slice of it for your client

5 Sample Questions

Negotiators should not reveal their true feelings in case their opponents take advantage.

My interests are far more important than building a relationship.

If the relationship is very important I should be more accommodating.

If my opponent gives me an opportunity to quietly take advantage that is their problem.

I should not give in to difficult people even if I lose their business.

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You may feel fully justified in taking formal action against a poorly performing employee but will the course of action you choose be deemed to be appropriate or does it contravene company policy. Or at worst, it may lead to a grievance from the employee or be unlawful under employment legislation. If you take action make sure it is the right action. This quiz aim is to provide a practical insight into the disciplinary procedures.

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It is recognised that the best managers are the ones who can delegate. The modern manager, with ever increasing work loads and responsibilities, must use the delegation of responsibility to encourage career growth amongst his/her staff. Are you an effective delegator? The following quiz can be helpful in assessing your delegation abilities in your practice. This quiz is designed to help you assess your abilities as a delegator. Answer the questions "yes" or "no" and be candid with yourself.

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