This quiz is an aid in describing your behaviour during meetings. Please answer each statement with the answer that best describes your behaviour in meetings. Complete this copy according to the directions below.
DIRECTIONS: For each of the 25 questions below, read all four words or phrases, and then place an "X" in front of the one word or phrase that best describes you.  Once you have read all four items, make your choice quickly. Your first thought is probably most accurate

5 Sample Questions

You are least worried about:

  • A. Routine
  • B. Causing change
  • C. People
  • D. Caution in relationships

Your task completion is:

  • A. Delayed
  • B. Timely
  • C. Cautious
  • D. Immediate

Your personal time frame is:

  • A. This week
  • B. Next year
  • C. Past years
  • D. Right now

You most desire:

  • A. To control
  • B. To relate to others
  • C. To get involved
  • D. To organise

Your greatest concern is for:

  • A. Feelings & relationships
  • B. Conclusions & actions
  • C. Principles & thinking
  • D. Dreams & intuition

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