Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION - Read me first

What's your motivation? Profit, Pride, Recycle, Lower carbon footprint, etc. 

Dealers: Profit may be realized by the licensed dealer at the time of the wholesale or retail sale.                                           

Individual: Profit to the private rebuilder may be realized in the form of pride and the potential savings found through their own personal efforts and sweat equity.

  • Profit: is only realized if you invest less than the finished vehicle is worth. This course will not make you an expert. Knowledge and experience are the one-two punch ingredients necessary to help increase the potential for profit with each rebuild project you select. 
  • Suggestion: A suggested spread between costs and end value needs would be at least, $2,000.00 or more. This helps provide a cushion against some of the unknown factors that are inevitable as you grow your expertise.
  • Requirements: 
    • Offering the vehicle for sale at the wholesale or retail level does require a dealer license. The dealer licensing course is available at
    • ​There are no special licensing requirements for the private use re-builder. 
  • Note: This course does include some Florida, Federal and State requirements the professional and private use re-builder needs to be aware of and comply with during the rebuild and later, the selling phases.
  • Disclaimer: This is NOT a government required or sponsored program. Consider nothing as legal, accounting or governmental advice. Consult appropriate licensed counsel before implementing any elements contained within this presentation. Things change. It is your responsibility to stay current with all legal requirements and any changes that affect your desired outcome. These entities are excellent resources to help you achieve your ultimate goal, whether business or personal.


The certificate DOES NOT qualify one as an state licensed rebuild site or inspector.


“What you know makes you money…                           What you don’t know costs you a fortune!”

How to use the course material - Read me second

  1. IDENTIFY, DOWN LOAD / PRINT and SAVE THE RESOURCES described below to your computer:
    1. Project Checklist (.pdf): You will use this to check mark what elements you need to accumulate and then to check mark that you have accomplished that task.
    2.  Research What You Already Know (.pdf): You will identify a type of vehicle you already know something about. Using what you know helps to make your first level of training more comfortable.
    3. Web Resources (.doc): Internet links will be referred to during the PowerPoint presentation. You will want to access these links to help you as you progress with projects of your choosing.
    4. Rebuild Project Budget (.exls): You may wish to use this to track expenses as they relate to your budget. Being able to compare what you spend in relation to what actual cost are, can help you better project that information to future projects you may choose to pursue. The accuracy of the spreadsheet is NOT guaranteed and is something you need to play with to assure it meets your desired needs. There are three categories listed in the spreadsheet: Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles, because of corresponding 'Major Componet Parts' you will need to take into consideration. Hopefully, this will serve the one-time private rebuilder and the multi-times professional rebuilder.
  2. OPEN AND TAKE THE COURSE ONLINE: The PowerPoint has visual and audible training. Proceed at your own pace. You have 30-days to access the rresources and complete the course. The Power Point may not be saved.
  3. Capture the online course access information when you register, in case you need to leave and then return to the course.

POWER POINT w/VIDEO & AUDIO - Third - Open and take course

PROCEED AT YOUR OWN PACE. Return as often as you wish for 30 days.

POWERPOINT IS AVAILABLE FOR 30 DAYS. Not available for download.

YOU MAY DOWNLOAD AND CAPTURE THE RESOURCE DOCUMENTS AND EXCEL SPREADSHEET. May you find the treasure you seek, but must start....

"What you know makes you money. What you don't know costs you a fotrtune." Terry LB Myers, Florida Auto Dealer School,



  Mandatory course to obtain an Florida Recreational Vehicle (RV-RU) or Mobile Home (DH-BH) dealership license. 1. Main course is a POWERPOINT in a visual and auditory format. Freeze and read the first two pages to maximize the experience.   2. Supporting documents include: RV-...