You will ENGAGE and WIN Big Deals / Strategic Accounts Hassle-free! Be a Brand Ambassador that prospect Trust, associate and Invest inBig and Strategic Account's Sales Engagements are quite different and highly complex. It involves multiple engagements, current and future business needs analysis, multiple presentations addressing various stake holders, Proof of concepts, Sales Proposals, Deal Pricing and Negotiations discussions at multiple levels before a deal is sealed.Such deals demands you to be an expert Sales Professional to match to the frequency of the prospect, uncover his real current and future business needs, recommend complete solutions sometimes involving multiple products, Vendors or span over multiple business function. This needs you to be an "Authority" to gain prospect's trust, build his confidence in you and your proposal, build complete solutions for his business needs, convince all stake holders and sell it to them.SALES EXPERT COURSE precisely teaches you how to be a Brand Ambassador that prospects Trust, Associate and Invest In. Course includes Sales Strategies, Tactics and Activities used by top global Sales Leaders to engage, Grow and Sell to accounts of Big and Strategic Values.Organizing Yourself for Sales SuccessDecoding ProductDecoding ProspectDecoding Business NeedsDecoding CompetitionProspecting StrategiesTele-Prospecting StrategiesEmail Prospecting StrategiesSocial Media Prospecting StrategiesDelivering Online/Offline Presentation and Public SpeakingBuilding and conducting successful Proof of ConceptsDeal Pricing and Sales ProposalsNegotiation StrategiesSALES EXPERT COURSE is especially designed with Advanced Strategies and Techniques used by Sales Professionals positioned towards the top of the Sales Ladder. However, concepts discuss can be applied to all type of B2B Sales.

Table of Contents

Adapt Sales Mindset

Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of the team makes all the difference!

Every SUCCESS Story begins with a small CHANGE and every change is the product of a MINDSET. If you have got the mindset, you are up for a change to succeed. That's how Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or any other global leaders are born from the mindset to change, from the mindset to succeed. 

A mindset is like a GUN and an effective approach is like a bullet to fire up your success. A disciplined approach towards Sales gives you an EDGE, makes your an 'AUTHORITY' that people will TRUST, BELIEVE in and BANK on you.

ORGANIZE FOR SUCCESS course involves 7 step journey that will give you the needed mindset to for the ULTIMATE SUCCESS IN SALES.

What will you learn:

  • GOSPA Model for Success
  • Upgrade Performance
  • Leverage Speed
  • Attitude
  • Power of equality
  • Pro-activeness
  • To sell more, get better every year

Course will help you develop the right MINDSET and when clubbed with the right approach (refer further courses) will make you a Winner in Sales. Course is especially designed for Sales Professionals, however techniques described are useful to all professionals looking for a winning edge.


Prospecting for NEW BUSINESS is my BUSINESS.

Today's buyers receive a staggering 15 sales calls per day, 45 Sales Emails, 3 to 10 Social Media connects and 3 to 5 Sales Walk-Ins.

As a result, buyers have become completely immune to any sales interaction and can sense 'Sales Pitch' in the first 10 seconds of the engagement. If you say, "I am Fin from Finlay. How are you doing? (OR) "I am Tim from Timberlay. Do you have a minute to talk about.... ", he knows it's a Sales Pitch and will resist politely or directly. Either case, you lose an opportunity even before you have talked about your proposition.

Prospecting is an extremely tough job. PROSPECT COURSE precisely decodes information on how buyers judge / form their initial impression about your personal brand and take quick decision of TO BE or NOT TO BE engaged in the conversation with you. Course will equip you with an extremely effective PROSPECTING approach to exploit the 10 second window using Sales Pitch and grab buyer’s attention, establish your 'Authority' for gaining his trust and interest - and that too without sounding like a Salesman.

What will your learn:

  • Constructive Listening Skills and Effective Communication Strategies
  • Sales Pitch and 'Beyond the Obvious'
  • Interest Building Techniques & Establishing 'Authority' through RAMP Model
  • Handling Rejections using proven ADBA Technique.
  • Prospecting Strategies
  • Tele-Prospecting, Email and Social Media Prospecting Strategies
  • Running Strategic Prospecting Campaigns
  • Balanced Approach
  • Prospecting Traps and more

PROSPECTING COURSE involves ADVANCED PROSPECTING METHODOLOGIES prepared after years of research and study of top sales leaders and how they use them for immense growth and success in PROSPECTING. Strategies described are however not limited to High End Sales and can be applied to any type of B2B Selling. 

Opportunities Qualification

If you don‟t KNOW BETTER, you can‟t SELL BETTER.

In 85% of cases, prospects play safe the very first time and invest below his budget. In 89% cases, probability of buyers first purchase scaling up by 3 times is possible. 

With the rising globalization and competition, buyers are exposed to innumerable solutions of all kinds. In such situation, they need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable enough to uncover their real needs by understanding their business and recommend a befitting solution. Solution should cover their current as well as future needs and offer best value.

QUALIFICATION COURSE will equip you with highly effective Qualification Strategies to decode information that will help buyers build confidence in your Personal and Organization Brand. It will further help you uncover information that build buyer’s perception of of your 'Authority' to completely trust you for the Solution, the business partnership and investing huge - FIRST TIME ROUND.

What will you learn:

  • Decoding FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) and WIIFM (What's In It For Me)
  • Decoding Decision makers Business Model, his role and priorities.
  • Building Buyer Persona
  • Leveraging sales intelligence to build crediability
  • Unique Value Proposition and Decoding Competition Strategies
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell
  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities and Business Referrals

QUALIFICATION COURSE is designed after years of research and study of strategies used by Top Sales Leaders across the globe to win more deals at their true potential. This course is more suitable for Sales Professionals involved in High End and Strategic Deals. Though the strategies can also be applied to any type of deals.

Demonstrate Value

You can have brilliant IDEAS, but if you cannot get that ACROSS, your ideas won‟t get you anywhere.

Buyer has to cover a steep learning curve to understand your solution. For him, it is critical to know if your product really makes sense and the quantum of value he will receive from the association. This involves learning product benefits, realizing his real needs, multiple solutions available in the market, quantum of value offered by each available solution and conditions applied etc... Etc...

DEMONSTRATE VALUE COURSE decodes information and will equip you with Presentation Building / Delivery Strategies that will allow you to help buyer cut through the noise and clearly see through the true value of your product as well as help him understand the scale of his needs and long term benefits of the relationship, you are bringing to the table.

What will you learn:

  • Presentations Prospects Dread
  • Presentation Opening and Closing Strategies using MUTE
  • Content Building Techniques and Delivery
  • Role of Customer Case Studies, Testimonials and more
  • Build and Close Successful POC using 3C Model

DEMONSTRATE VALUE COURSE includes high level engagement strategies and tactical plans followed by top sales leaders across the globe and meant for Sales Professionals who are involved in Product Presentations of all types of Product.

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