Learn a counter intuitive technique called REFRAMING to overcome prospect objections in as short as 17 minutes.

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How To Overcome Prospect Objections

Start a new chapter in your sales role by understanding and overcoming prospect objections.

Its not easy to make a decision; reaching a decisions bares risks and no one likes to take risk unless they are confident that they will prevent a serious loss. You'r role as a 'trusted advisor' is to do the following to help you'r prospects reach a decision in your favor:

- Understand the risks involved in reaching a decision.

- Once a prospects shows concern / objection determine whether its rooted in logic or emotion.

- Prospects would like to ensure that there is no DANGER in reaching a decision you need to instill in their old brain safety by presenting to the OLD BRAIN.

- Learn the counter intuitive technique called REFRAMING to overcome prospect objections.

Once you master these skills you will be able to help your clients pass through a crucial hurdle and move to a decision.

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