Outsiders Vocab. Ch. 1-3

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Definition: to move in a slow or sluggish way

Antonyms: run, jog

Synonyms: walk, lacking in energy

Sentence: I was walking and then I was started loping cause I got tired.
Definition: something hard to believe in.

Antonyms: believe, gullible

Synonyms: don't believe, non-believer

Sentence: I was unfathomable when he got a dinosaur as a pet.
Definition: reaction of someone being shocked

Antonyms: plain, bored

Synonyms: surprised, amazed

Sentence: I was incredulous when I saw someone had a hawk as a pet.
Definition: acting normal in relaxed way

Antonyms: crazy, weird

Synonyms: casual, fine

Sentence: My friend acted nonchalantly when her crush pasted by.

Definition: to glare at someone

Antonyms: peek, glance

Synonyms: look, stare

Sentence: I scowled at her after she hit me.
Definition: emotionaly hurt

Antonyms: happy, someone being nice

Synonyms: being mean, hurt someone

Sentence: the girl was stricken when he said those mean things.
Definition: to be heroic

Antonyms: evil, bad person

Synonyms: hero, good guy

Sentence: People thought he was gallant when he saved the man.
Definition: cool or stuck-up

Antonyms: loser, dont think highly of yourself

Synonyms: cool, think you all that

Sentence: the girl thought she was so aloof, but really she was nothing.

Definition: to be upset

Antonyms: glad, feel good

Synonyms: grumpy, mad

Sentence: I was ornery when I got a bad score on the test.
Definition: to be or have skill

Antonyms: lame, no skill

Synonyms: sly, crafty

Sentence: She was cunning when she went to turn off the alarm.
Definition: Reflection of strong emotion

Antonyms: weak, no emotion

Synonyms: burn, livid

Sentence: the fire was smoldering slowly.
Definition: shake in nervousness

Antonyms: stand still, not scared

Synonyms: wiggle, move in nervousness

Sentence: I quavered in the cold.