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In normal conditions, how far the high beam headlights and low beam headlights would allow you to see ahead? High beams: 350ftLow beams: 100ft
When there is not enough room for a U-turn, you are suggested to follow... 3 point turn.
If your vehicle skids due to ice while driving, always turn your steering wheel... In the direction of the skid.
When you get a flat tire or tire blows out while driving, you should.. Hold grip on the steering wheel. You don't wanna lose control.
A rotary is an intersection of roads that contains... A central island.

This pentagon symbol alert drivers of....
School crosswalks.

This octagon sign indicates that...
Vehicles on the way must stop ahead at intersection.
When you see a yield sign while passing, you must _________ at the sign. Slow down and be prepared to stop.
On a multiple-lane roadway with several lanes in one direction, you must use_________ for passing. The middle and left lanes.
When driving behind another vehicle, you must use _________ for keeping a safe distance between the vehicles. The two second rule.
On roadways with two or more lanes in your travel direction, you must use the right lane for driving unless... 1. Passing another vehicle2. The right lane is blocked.3. Making a left turn

What does this sign mean?
Crew At Work

What is this sign?
Yield Sign
The shape of a guide/information sign is.. A rectangle.
The shape of a no passing zone sign is.. A sideways triangle. Looks like it is pointing to the right.
The shape of a school zone sign is... 5 Sides. Looks like a square with a point at the top,
The shape of a warning sign is.... A diamond.
The shape of a railroad crossing sign is.... A circle.
The shape of a regulation sign is... a tall square.
The meaning of a red sign color is Stop or prohibition
The meaning of a green sign color is Direction, shows where you can go
The meaning of a yellow sign color is General warning
The meaning of a black/white sign color is regulation
The meaning of a blue sign color is Gas,food,hotels
The meaning of a brown sign color is Historic
The meaning of an orange sign color is construction or maintenance warning
The meaning of a Flourescent yellow-green color is School zone, bikes, pedestrian warning
It is illegal to follow _________ behind an emergency vehicle responding to an alarm. Closer than 300ft.
What is the minimum speed limit in the Massachusetts Turnpike? 40 MPH
When entering a paved thoroughfare from a private road, a driveway, or an unpaved road, you must Come to a complete stop. Give the right of way to pedestrians,bicyclists, or other vehicles on the road you are entering
If you are preparing for a turn, you must signal your turn _________ before making the turn on a highway. At least 500 ft
What would be the total stopping distance at a speed of 60 miles per hour? 292 ft.
You are tailgating if you Can't see the cars rearview mirror.
If you are on a single or two-lane road and come to an intersection with a divided highway or a roadway with three or more lanes, you must Yield the right of way to other traffic.
National safety council and insurance institute for highway safety show that a fully loaded tractor trailer may take_________ compared to a passenger vehicle. Double the distance to stop
When driving near a large vehicle, be aware of the driver’s _________ on the right, left, front, and behind. No zones, blind spots.
A white diamond symbol on the lane indicates that it is reserved for buses or high occupancy vehicles
When driving at nights, you must use your headlights One-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise
When entering an uncontrolled intersection, you must _________ and proceed if the way is clear. Slow down. Look both ways for oncoming traffic.
What is the posted speed limit on highways in ideal driving conditions? Between 55 and 65 MPH
When you find both a solid and a dashed yellow line between opposing lanes of traffic, you must not pass: If the solid yellow line is on your side
It is against the law to make a left turn on red light EXCEPT: If you are on a one way street going on another
When entering and exiting a roundabout, you must always: Keep right
A pedestrian using a white or white cane tipped with red is usually: A blind person
Locked wheel skids are usually caused by: Breaking too hard at a high speed.
If you turn from a high speed, two-lane roadway, you must _________ if you have traffic following you. try not to slow down to early
If the traffic signals at an intersection are not operating , treat the intersection as a(n): A 4 way stop. The driver must come to a complete stop before moving further.
A squiggly arrow sign represents A winding road ahead
High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes are reserved for Car pools and vehicles with more than one person
When turning corners, drivers must turn the steering wheel using: The hand-over-hand technique
Which of the following statements about a freeway is NOT correct? Freeways and interstate highways are designed to handle higher speed traffic safely. Do not cross a solid line while entering or exiting a freeway.
If two vehicles enter an intersection that is not controlled by signs/signals, from different roadways at about the same time, then the vehicle _________ has the right of way. On the right.
When approached by an emergency vehicle in a roundabout: Keep going through but then pull over when you exit
What do you do if you're being tailgaited? Move to another lane or pull to the side of the road to let the tailgater pass.
If your vehicle breaks down you.. Use emergency lights and signals, so other drivers can see it. Pull the vehicle as far to the side of the road as you can. Don't change tires in a traffic lane. Wait for help.
Night Driving Drive more slowly than you would during the day..Keep more space between your vehicle and others.Switch mirror to nightview
Only use high beams when you can't see the road surface ahead.
You must lower high beams when you are within ____ft of an oncoming vehicle or within_____ft of a vehicle traveling ahead 1. 500 FT2. 200 FT
Whenever you are using your windshield wipers, you need to use _____ headlights
Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice.
If you drive through a a large puddle, you need to.. apply breaks lightly asap to dry them. Wet breaks don't work properly.
In the winter you must Reduce speed according to road conditions.Never lock breaks on icy roads, if you skid, turn into the direction of it.Increase space.Keep fuel tank half full to prevent fuel line from freezing.
Seat belts can lower the chance of death or serious injury by about ___% 50, half.
You must have your ____ checked every year or 2. vision
Never drive when: You've been drinking.On prescription drugsUnder the influence.Tired.Emotionally upset.
Tires must have at least _____ inches of tread depth in the proper grroves and no fabric breaks or exposed cords. 2/32
To pass a safety and emissions inspection your vehicle must have Safety beltsMirrorHornLock for ignitionWindshield WipersAn exhaust mufflerFoot brake2 Correctly aimed white headlights in front2 approved red lights in backDirectional signals3 red stop lights(brakes) in rearSmall white light to illuminate rear license plate.
If directional signals or brake lights stop working, repair immediately. In the meantime, use _________. Hand signals.Left turn: arm straight out.Right turn: Looks like your flexing your muscle.Slow or stop: Down
Use hand signals when Changing lanesTurning at an intersection or into a driveway.Pulling away from curb.Pulling over to side of road.Entering or exiting a highway.
Any driver operating without a seat belt or any passenger 16 and older who isn't wearing one is subject to a fine of...______. For occupants aged 12,13,14, or 15 who aren't wearing one can cause the driver to be fined an additional ______ per person $25 for both
Child must ride in restraint until at least __ years old and measure at least ____inches in height 8 and 57
If you are under 21 and caught with a BAC as low as 0.02 while driving. You will ____ your license. lose.
Open container law Fine: $100-$500.BUT, if you are under 21, you can be arrested, fined, and get a suspended license.
Illegal drugs, medicine, etc? Don't.
If convicted of any drug offense, in MA or out of state, your license will be suspended. You will lose your license for _to_years. 1-5 years
To renew license you must Pass vision test.Supply SSN, and pay renewal fee.
Cell phone law: 1st offense: 60 days2nd offense: 180 daysMore: 1 yearFirst offense requires you to pay a $100 fine, new permit exam, retraining course, and road test.
Injury from phone use: 1st: 180 days2 or more: 1 year2 or more requires a new permit exam and road testFee: 500
Criminal offense fees are usually all _____ $500
JOL may not operate a vehicle between _____am and ___am u 12:30, 5:00
If the passenger restriction or night restriction is violated..... 1st offense: 60 days2nd: 180More: 1 year.If 2 or more offenses you will also be required to complete a driver attitudinal retraining course.
If under 18 and commit certain driving offenses and alcohol or drugs were involved, you will lose your license for a year
Drag racing 1st offense: 1 year, $5002 or more: 3 years, $1000
Speeding 1st offense: 90 days2 or more: 1 year$100 fee
BAC content depends on Amount of food you ate before drinkingLength of time you have been drinkingSpeed your body processes alcoholWeightHow much alcohol you had to drink
The kind of beverage doesn't matter. What is important is the amount of alcohol that you drink over time. Each of these drinks contains about the same amount of alcohol. (1/2 ounce). 12 ounce beer.4 ounce glass of wine1 ounce serving of 80-proof liquor(even if mixed) Any of those drinks can raise BAC by 0.02.Adults are above the legal limit at 0.08 or higher.Under 21, face penalties for 0.02 or higher