Video Transcript: Sell online courses

ProProfs helps you earn money by selling your courses and quizzes online - with no hassle.

Say good bye to:
Merchant accounts
Payment gateways
Set up or listing fees
Hosting costs
And Ecommerce coding and development

Simply set a price and get paid!

To start selling, go to "My Quizzes", find your quiz, and set a price. ProProfs now takes over by automatically handling the entire payment process, delivering the quiz or course to the buyer, and even providing any support that your buyers may need. After you set a price, grab the link and send it to your learners so they can purchase it. You can even embed the quiz or course for sale in your website.

When buyers click on the buy button for your quiz or course, they will then checkout using our friendly checkout page branded with your logo. Not only do we support all major credit cards, we have also optimized our backend to decrease credit card declines which ensures you get paid! ProProfs can also handle cryptic payment gateway messages & error codes to ensure the process is smooth for both you and your buyer.

As soon as you make a sale, you´re instantly notified so that you can watch your money grow on your sales dashboard. You can also see information such as the date of purchase, the names of the items sold, the prices paid, the buyers´ names, email addresses, phone numbers and your total earnings. You can download buyer information and use it for email or SMS marketing to grow your customer base. ProProfs even consolidates all your payments and pays you promptly every month.

By using ProProfs, you also have a significant marketing advantage as your pages are optimized to rank high in search engines and are automatically promoted to the community of learners on ProProfs. That community has millions of visitors each month already engaged in learning. You can also promote your hosted links to items for sale in social media or even embed items for sale on your website.

As your business grows, ProProfs also provides flexible features for custom & professional implementations such as the option to build your own billing system as well as the ability to use ProProfs software for delivery of your courses - inside your website, & under your brand.

With ProProfs selling a course or a quiz is easy, simple and risk-free. Thank you for watching.

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