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What is online courseware development?

Online courseware development is the process of creating online course packages, which includes the course training materials, online tests, feedback surveys and more. The complete cycle of courseware development for businesses and educational institutions means:

  • Authoring courses online, which includes web-based tests, surveys & more
  • Delivering the online courses to learners via a Learning Management System
  • Tracking the progress of learners by analyzing course & test reports
  • Meeting compliance and awarding certificates
  • Gathering training feedback from learners

ProProfs as an online courseware development tool

ProProfs is a fully-hosted courseware development tool, allowing instructors to easily create online courses, quizzes, surveys, polls and more. Instructors can also deliver these courses to learners via ProProfs and track their progress with powerful reports.

With ProProfs you can:

  • Create online courses using images, articles, powerpoints, videos & more.
  • Add existing training materials, to your course, created using other eLearning tools such as Articulate or Captivate.
  • Allow learners to take your course on any device or browser.
  • Test the understanding of learners with online tests.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your courses with online feedback surveys.
  • Track the progress of learners and identify knowledge gaps with course & test reports.
  • Keep courses secure and private. Brand courses with logos and custom colors.

What’s in it for trainers?

Businesses can use an online courseware development tool to bring down training time and costs, while improving the overall productivity and skills of employees.

Easily schedule training -  Trainees can take the online training from any location and at anytime. They can study in short bursts and resume the training at a time when they are free. Scheduling online training, using a courseware development tool, is much easier than organizing face to face training sessions.
Lower costs with reusable content -  An online course consisting of pre-recorded videos, documents, files and tests can be used and reused to train multiple batches of learners. Courses can also be kept up-to-date by easily adding new training materials or revising older ones. All of this can be done at the click of a button.
Measure training impact -  One of the biggest challenges for instructors and training managers is to know exactly the impact of their training programs. A courseware development tool solves this problem by offering them detailed reports on trainees’ performance, which give instructors key insights into where their training program is seeing success and where it is lacking.
Create certifications & meet compliance -  A courseware development tool allows instructors to not only create courses and tests but also training certifications. Instructors can create customized certificates, which they can award learners on successful completion of courses. Compliance requirements can also be met by creating course and certification expiry dates.

What’s in it for teachers?

Teachers can use a courseware development tool to create online courses to supplement classroom curriculum and test learners’ knowledge with quizzes. Teachers can also identify knowledge gaps with the help of course and test reports.

Instant results and feedback -  Grading test papers is a time-consuming and daunting task. An online courseware tool automates this for you. As soon as learners finish taking a test, the answers are automatically graded and results instantly generated. You can also offer learners additional feedback at the click of a button. All of this makes the learning process fast and effective.
Improve knowledge retention -  With online learning, you can bring in all kinds of instructional materials such as videos, presentations, quizzes, wikis, blogs and more. The use of multimedia makes your teaching richer, while helping learners to understand topics easily. Overall, it makes the learning experience much more enjoyable and well-rounded.
Identify knowledge gaps -  One of the major areas where teachers have a tough time is understanding which areas their learners are struggling with. A courseware tool offers powerful reports, which capture details regarding learners’ responses, helping teachers understand and identify the knowledge gaps in the learning process.
Prevent cheating -  Learners are often tempted to cheat in tests, under unsupervised settings. The courseware tool offers teachers many techniques such as question pooling, question randomization, time limits, password restrictions and answer randomization which deter students from cheating in online tests.
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    Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
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    Brenda Kesler,

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