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What is included in the course?

Create Online Virtual Classroom

First, you will learn some of the biggest challenges of traditional training, and how online classrooms can help you overcome them. You’ll also learn how a centralized and secure training platform can help you stay on top of the online learning and development game. This course demonstrates how you can simplify, streamline, and standardize online learning.

Who is this course for?

Create an online course for your customers, employees, and channel partners

This free online course is designed for anyone who is in the online training and eLearning industry. It is suitable for all types of training and can be taken by corporate trainers, online instructors, companies, and educational institutions. If you are looking to migrate conventional teaching to an online platform, you’ll find this course useful.

Topics covered in the course

In this course, we talk about the common problems that individual trainers and eLearning experts often face. We then present the most effective solution to address those problems using a virtual classroom. We show you how to create an online classroom and walk you through some of the powerful and enabling features that you’ll find in a digital classroom.

How to Create an Online Classroom
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Course Outline

This free online course covers the following:

The challenges of traditional training
The solution: online classroom
Who benefits from online classrooms
An example of an online classroom
How to set up an online classroom
Quiz: Should You Use an Online Classroom?
Additional resources related to online classrooms

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