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Create a Delightful Course Effortlessly

Use one of the easiest online course creation tools. No download, no setup fee, no hassles! Zero learning curve. Creating an online course couldn’t be simpler.

How to Create Online Courses

Create a course in minutes

Make an online course easily with ProProfs Training Maker. Visit ‘create a course’ section and start your journey. No extra payment to make and no application form to fill.

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Create a course using templates or start from scratch

Create a course using templates or start from scratch

Create a course from scratch or use our professionally designed templates. Just upload your content, and your course is ready. Else, select from our library of 600+ expert courses and customize accordingly.

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Customize courses to match your company standards

Customize courses to match your company standards

Easily create online courses using beautifully crafted online training templates. Give a personalized touch to your course by adding brand logos and images.

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Add videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations

Add videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations

Use videos, images, PPTs in the courses to help learners readily perceive critical information. Embed quizzes and surveys for assessing user performance and gain feedback about the courses.

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Attract readers and share/ sell online courses

Attract readers and share/ sell online courses

You can easily share courses online as a link, embed them on your website or blog and or sell the courses at our store.

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Create Beautifully Designed Courses

Create a course either from scratch or use professionally designed templates
Create an online course using one of our templates

Use course creation software to create a course online easily from scratch. Develop your design or layout. You can also utilize our professionally designed ready-to-use training templates to reduce your efforts. Customize courses according to your course objectives and personalize them by adding your company logo, brand name, color, and designs. Add custom completion certificates with your company logo and your signature.

Add Videos, Quizzes, Surveys & Presentations

Create engaging online courses using videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations
Create awesome courses online using videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations

Help learners identify critical information easily through engaging course content. Use videos, images, flashcards, and presentations. It is easy to test a learner’s progress through quizzes and gain valuable feedback about the course through surveys.

  • Create engaging online courses
  • Add flashcards, videos, images, & presentations
  • Track learner’s progress with quizzes
  • Get valuable feedback using surveys

Create a Course Effortlessly

Customize 600+ ready-to-use courses or create awesome online courses easily
Make an online course effortlessly

Create a training course by customizing one from a library of 600+ ready-to-use expert courses, which include sexual harassment, food safety, and healthcare. You can also import and personalize content from other learning management systems. Design your own course or use professional templates from the library. You can share courses as a link, embed them on your website, or sell courses at our

  • Customize 600+ ready-to-use expert courses
  • Import and personalize content from other LMS
  • Design new courses or use templates
  • Easily share or sell courses online

Generate Reports & Track Learners

Auto-generate reports to track learners & identify areas for improvement

Keep a track of the learners and auto-generate reports on their learning progress. Embedded quizzes to identify knowledge gaps and update content accordingly. Set reminders for those who are yet to take the course online. Create a course integrated with Tin Can and SCORM for a delightful learning experience.

Anytime & Anywhere Accessibility

Create a course that supports high adaptability & offers unrestricted accessibility
Access your online training courses anytime & anywhere

Create online courses without any software installation. Courses are adaptable to different devices including laptops, smartphones, and desktops to facilitate ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ accessibility. You can create a course in multiple languages. Configure over 100+ settings to develop secure courses online and provide private or public accessibility.

  • Support all devices and languages
  • No software installation required
  • Configure settings for private or public access

Create training, assessments & more

Choose a variety of content types to create courses in minutes
Drive engagement in your online training courses

Build Interaction

Drive engagement in your online courses by embedding all kinds of interactive training materials such as Youtube videos, online wikis, slides, etc.

Add assessments in online courses

Add Assessments

ProProfs Training Maker comes integrated with the world’s largest Quiz Maker, helping you test learners with quizzes and assessments.

Import SCORM and Tin Can compliant in training courses

SCORM & Tin Can

Import SCORM and Tin Can-compliant courses from other Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, iSpring, Captivate, etc.

Create online course using videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations

Sync PowerPoint presentations

Make learning easy and fun with PowerPoint presentations and slides that explain concepts easily with a combination of images, text, videos, and audio.

Add online questionnaires in an online training courses

Online Questionnaires

Use online questionnaires to evaluate the skill level of learners before they start the course and gather their feedback at the end.

How to Create an Online Course

Choose a variety of content types to create courses in minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an online course

Creating an online course is easier than you think. Pick a ready-to-use course, edit it based on your needs, and share it. Or choose a template from our library; add your content - text, images, videos, presentations, quizzes & surveys; configure settings, and publish it. Watch this quick video guide to learn How to Create an Online Course.

How to design an online course

ProProfs offers plenty of appealing course templates for you to choose from. Pick a course template that resonates with your brand. Pick a theme and customize it, add your logo, put a nice background image, choose your desired fonts and colors and there you to. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on How to Design an Online Course.

How long does it take to create a course?

Depending on your training topic and whether you use a ready-made course or template, it takes just minutes to create a beautiful course. Keep the 10-minute rule in mind, that is, any chapter (containing text, presentation, or video) should take only about 10 minutes for learners to complete. Here’s a video guide for you to quickly learn How to Create an Online Course.

How to embed a course on a website

It’s easy to embed a course on any website with ProProfs. Just copy the embed code of your course, set your preferred resolution, and paste the code to your website's HTML editor - that’s it. Here’s a detailed guide for you to learn How to Embed a Course on a Website.

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