Teaching elementary school kids and sharing the course material with them was time-consuming. That’s why I was looking for a software that could streamline my job and help me easily create engaging tests and share them quickly.


I always felt there should be a technological solution for testing and courses. That’s when I came across ProProfs Training Maker, which is a great tool with a tremendous capacity to do everything that I used to imagine. It is helpful for me as well as my students. It helps me create online tests easily while enhancing the interest of my students in taking the tests with the help of quizzes, images, interactive videos, and more. The online flashcards, for instance, help them a lot by aiding to their learning and memory. I was able to apply many qualitative experiences in education by integrating technology into class, which has had a dramatic impact on the learning level of my students throughout the year.


I witnessed remarkable improvement in the way my students study with these tools. ProProfs Training Maker simplifies and speeds up how I prepare my lessons and tests at home. Likewise, my students can now solve tests at home without any particular problem. With quizzes, I am now able to assess the learning gaps of my students and bridge them. ProProfs Training Maker is the perfect tool for my online learning environment.

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The best part of ProProfs is the flexibility in customization it offer!
Sakil Mahmud Khan
Business Development Manager, IQC Security & Loss Prevention Consultancy
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Hands down the easiest, most efficient program I have ever used!
Charlene Campbel
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Carl Powell
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