This article will help you create meaningful activities to help motivate your staff.  They are fun and get your staff thinking about how to treat each other and the children in a more thoughtful way.

5 Sample Questions

Observe a Candle. 

  • A. Give staff a candle and have a vigil for all the children that have died while in childcare.
  • B. Give staff candles in case the electricity goes out.
  • C. Have staff observe a lit candle and a non-lit candle and compare what they observed.
  • D. All of the above.

“A Teacher Is . . . .” 

  • A. Have teachers finish this sentence with one word.
  • B. Have teachers write out full descriptions.
  • C. Have teachers write out what students think a teacher is.
  • D. all of the above.

Back-to-Back Drawings. 

  • A. Have the teachers all try to draw a cat, then compare cat drawings.
  • B. Have 2 teachers sit back to back and have one person describe a drawing and have the other person try to draw what is being described.
  • C. Have the teachers draw several drawings in a row.
  • D. All of the above.

We All Need Space. 

  • A. Is about personal body space.
  • B. Is about classroom organization
  • C. Is about teaching outer space to children
  • D. All of the above.

Suggestion Apples. 

  • A. Give each teacher a print out of an apple.
  • B. Is about allowing teachers to give ideas about projects, discipline, meetings and other ideas.
  • C. Is about helping the Director plan the year better.
  • D. All of the above.

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